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Azmoon Sanat Arvin

ASA is a private company with an active and flexible presence in industry fields as a partner or service provider for international industrial companies, working towards industrial projects. We consider Globalization and the new flexible rules and multi dimensions governing this concept as the frame work for our business. We provide vigorous performance, imaginative approach and modern technology, which are the principles of our company’s corporate structure. In a surprisingly short time, we have grown from a small group of engineers into a successful, stable and reliable Engineering & Trading Company. We work with the manufacturing giants of the industry as well as new companies just starting out. We have a broad and diverse data base at our disposal on existing and potential customers and suppliers. All of them are important to us. Our agents throughout the world speak the local language that enables them to understand our business partners’ needs and to offer goods and services that correspond to the maximum of their requirements. Owing to the strong long-lasting cooperation with our business partners in field of Instrumentation & Test Systems, Emission Reduction Technologies, and Marine Engineering services, ASA offers commodities at a most attractive price. Stay with ASA to gain new insights into your business.