Soot Free Tehran Workshop Contents

International workshop on solutions for eliminating Diesel and gasoline emitted soot from urban air

(Background, lessons learned in Europe, solutions for Tehran)


High air pollution in Iranian cities is of highest concern to authorities in view of public health. PM2.5 is the criteria pollutant and high share of the composition is soot or black carbon. Ultrafine soot particles (UFP) are present in large numbers in the breathing air of Tehran. The anthropogenic sources of PM2.5, soot, and UFPs are combustion engines of mobile emission sources with dominating effects of diesel vehicles.
Several programs at the local and national levels aims at reducing combustion generated particles. The very first Iranian Low Emission Zone (LEZ) for Tehran, diesel particulate filter (DPF) retrofit of public transit buses, elimination of carburetor gasoline motorcycles and replacement with electric bikes are among those mitigating measures. The Iranian government already in April 2014 published a new Emission Legislation which requires DPF for all Diesel Vehicles, which will be implemented in two phases in September 2016 and September 2017.
Vehicle Industries, domestic as well as importing from Europe, Japan or China and emission experts are now challenged to comply according to best available technology.
This conference on Best Available Technologies is directed to support the introduction of Diesel Particle Filters, which are World Wide known as the only technical option to eliminate Ultrafine particles (UFP) efficiently. The conference is organized by UNESCO chair in water and environment management for sustainable cities, co-organize by VERT association of BAT filters and Tehran air quality control. Co.

01-Black carbon contribution in Tehran air.pdfDownload 
02-Technology Solution to Remove Soot from Tehran Air.pdfDownload 
03-Engine exhaust particles Current EU legislation and future developments.pdfDownload 
04-VERT retrofit projects worldwide Based on best available technology.pdfDownload 
05-Experiences of South Korea on diesel particulate retrofit program .pdfDownload 
06-Inspection and Maintenance to guarantee Emission Stability .pdfDownload 
07-The Potential of DPF Technology for the Elimination of Diesel Soot.pdfDownload 
08-Pollution Priorities Tehran and Iran .pdfDownload 
09-Providing clean DPF technology for Iran .pdf DOWNLOADDownload 
10-Health Effects of Ultra Fine Particles. Why solid particles have highest priority.pdfDownload 
11-New Emission Legislation of Iran Getting very close to EU levels of UFP in one big step .pdfDownload 
12-DPF Retrofit in Iran after 2 years of field experiences .pdfDownload 
13-Potential solution to reduce PM pollution in a big city .pdfDownload 

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