Diesel Engine test cell – Design and construction

Project specification

The aim of this project is to design an engine test cell for a diesel engine of the maximum power of 500 kW and for carrying out dynamic tests such as:

  • ability
  • performance determination
  • engine component testing
  • catalyst ageing
  • dynamic exhaust emission tests
  • application tests of injection systems and engine control units
  • optimization of engine control units
  • rapid cycle tests

although the main running tests of this test cell is considered to be the advanced emission measurements according to the standard of EURO VI.


First step: layout and dimensions

In order to have a coherent, general and integrated laboratory we considered a general layout for the lab having all the essential sections (This layout is illustrated in Fig. 1). The suitable dimensions for the lab and the diesel test cell were calculated (These dimensions are shown in Fig. 2). Fig. 3, shows the 3D view of the lab.

Figure 1 test lab’s layout

1.      Outdoor space

2.      Cell services and equipment support

3.      Instrument store

4.      Engine test cells control room

5.      Built and pre-rig

6.      Diesel engine test cell

7.      Gasoline engine test cell

8.      Chassis test cell control room

9.      Office space

10.  Chassis cest cell

11.  Soak room

12.  Fuel storage section (underground)

Figure 2 test lab's dimensions

Figure 2 test lab’s dimensions

Figure 3 test lab's 3D view

Figure 3 test lab’s 3D view


Second step: instruments and equipments

The test cell required equipments and facilities are divided into four main sections as follows:

  • test stand
  • basic emission measurements
  • supplementary cell equipments and media conditioning
  • advanced emission measurement equipments

Since the main running test of the cell is considered to be the exhaust emission ones, so the advanced emission measurement equipments are considered too.


Third step: Test cell installation facilities

According to the selected engine and the cell equipments, the installation facilities have been designed and determined. The main ones are as follows:

  1. Air conditioning system
  2. Water cooling system
  3. Fuel storage
  4. Altitude conditioning system
  5. Firefighting alarms and equipments
  6. Electrical facilities
  7. Earth well considering
  8. Air compressing facility