6th national conference on air and noise pollution management

“Tehran, Soot Free City” International Event will be held in Shaif University of Technology
VERT Iran office workshop on DPF Technologies compatible With Iranian conditions and Latest development
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6th national conference on air and noise pollution management

The 6th national conference on air and noise pollution management (AQM2018) is organized by Tehran Municipality (Air Quality Control Co., AQCC), and Sharif University of Technology (Department of Mechanical Engineering, Fuel, Combustion, and Emission (FCE) research center) and Iranian scientific association of clean air.

Air pollution condition is one of the most critical environmental problems that Tehran faces presently. Industrial development, rapid population growth, urbanization, transportation development, and increasing fuel consumption are the main factors that have contributed to making Tehran’s air pollution one of the greatest challenges for its inhabitants. In addition to scientific research, each country’s scientific community should focus on the real and everyday needs of the country andProduction of scientific contents. Therefore, the National Conference on Pollution and Sound Management is scheduled for the sixth consecutive year.

We would be dedicated to invite from all professors, students and experts related to air and noise pollution issues by submitting a paper, organizing workshops and participating in our conference and Help us make this conference more effective.

It is hoped that the National Conference on Air and Noise Pollution Management could be a place to provide highly relevant research activities in air and noise pollution, and to set up a forum for experts to focus on providing science-based solutions.

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